The Sun City COA has followed the proposed Arizona American Water, or AAW rate increase and consolidation for years.  We have adamantly opposed both consolidation and any unwarranted, over the top water and sewer rate increases.

The COA’s President Sam Estok and previous Directors found through investigation, that Arizona American Water had approval of CAP water utilization plan, a groundwater savings fee (GSF) surcharge, and recovery of CAP expenses from the Arizona Corporation Commission from 1998 until expiration in 2005 when the deferred charges were fully collected.  The Commission established the GSF surcharge to help Arizona American Water in its efforts to utilize renewable sources of water and minimize its use of ground water.  Since 2005, Arizona American Water has failed to file an update of the GSF surcharge and has over-collected monies from rate payers. 

These over-collected rate payer funds are now ordered to be credited to the residents of Sun City and Sun City West Water Districts.  The current GSF surcharge for the Sun City Water District is $1.57 per household per month for residential customers and $0.12 per 1000 gallons for all users other than residential.  For Sun City West Water District, the current GSF surcharge is $1.60 per household per month for residential customers and $0.17 per 1000 gallons for users other than residential.

The Corporation Commission has recommended that AAW eliminate or reduce the over-collected balances within 12 months beginning November 1, 2010.  This will mean a $2.34 reduction in the residential water bill for all Sun City Water District customers.  In the Sun City West Water District, a reduction of $1.72 will be seen.  For Sun City Water district, the amount of over collection is $372,133 as of August, 2010, and for Sun City West Water district the over collection is $36,738.  (The COA office has a copy of the Arizona Corporation Commission recorded documents regarding the GSF surcharge)

If not for the vigilance of the COA, this over collection may have gone on for years resulting in even greater amounts over collected from all rate payers.  The COA advises every resident to scrutinize their water, telephone, and utility statements and verify charges. 

Isn’t the money better in your pocket than in theirs?